Inna de Yard – A Real Roots Reggae Experience

Enjoying the vibes from some talented Reggae artists while standing right next to them, is an experience I was hoping for while being in Jamaica. And finally it became reality in Kingston, Inna De Yard! In the video below you see Exile Di Brave, Mikey General, Israel Voice and Lucan I performing in St. Andrew Park at a Jukebox Vinyl Friday – Inna De Yard.

When it comes to Roots Reggae Music and you’re in Jamaica, then there is no way around the yard of one particular musican. His home is located in 6 St. Andrew Park in Kingston, just a couple minutes to walk from the main bus station Half Way Tree. Living legend Earl “Chinna” Smith aka Earl Flute aka Melchezidek the High Priest is an active musican since the 1960s and has played with artists like Bob Marley, Bunny Wailer, Jimmy Cliff, Peter Tosh and many many more.

Chinna at Inna de Yard
Earl “Chinna” Smith

His yard is open for everyone who is interested in the music and is respectful to one another. It’s not comparable with a club, bar or anything like that. I would call it a lovely arranged property where family and musicans gather to enjoy the vibes. In other words, a place of ONE LOVE. During the day, friends and musicans from all over the world come together for jam sessions to fulljoy themselves. Many people come to visit, play and learn from him in his yard.

Inna de Yard
Musicans jamming with Chinna in his yard

Every Friday night – from around 7:30pm to 11:30pm – a 7inch session is been held on the 35-year-old jukebox beauty at Inna Di Yard, 6 St. Andrew Park, Kingston. There is no admission for entering the yard to enjoy this extraordinary cultural roots Reggae evening. But as Chinna said, for $5 you can play a track on the jukebox and buying your lady or yourself a drink is highly appreciated and keeps the place going.

Inna de Yard
Vinyl Fridays with Inna Di Yard Crew & Guest Selector “Ruffneck Smille”

Hanging out with Reggae artists for a drink or spliff and having a good conversation is an experience which can make your Jamaica trip unforgettable. For me, these Fridays are unforgettable, and I’m happy to share it with you. Inna de Yard’s Jukebox Vinyl Fridays is the best place for every Roots Reggae lover…

Here is another video I shot with Chinna, Kiddus I, Natty Pablo and Linval Thompson.


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