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With the RJ Verified badge, your business shines as a beacon of genuine Jamaican experiences. Handpicked and vetted by our team, this badge signals trust, safety, and top-notch service. Join us in setting the gold standard for Jamaica's tourism.

RJ Verified

Why Get RJ Verified?

  1. Join a Trusted Network: Becoming RJ Verified not only boosts your business’s credibility but also connects you with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Together, we’re committed to offering exceptional experiences, learning from one another, and building relationships that elevate Jamaican tourism.
  2. Elevate Customer Trust: Earn the confidence of customers who value authenticity and quality. The RJ Verified badge is a testament to your business having been personally reviewed and approved by our expert team.
  3. Differentiate Your Business: Showcase your commitment to excellence, safety, and customer satisfaction with the RJ Verified badge, setting your business apart from the competition.
  4. Boost Your Visibility and Get Exclusive Features: As an RJ Verified business, not only do you enjoy higher visibility on our platform, but you also qualify for exclusive promotions, including being featured on our homepage, social media channels, and newsletters. Expand your reach and increase bookings and revenue.

How to Get RJ Verified?

It’s easy! Simply fill out the form below to request a visit from our team. After an in-person review to assess your business’s authenticity and safety, you’ll receive the prestigious RJ Verified badge to display on your listing.

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