Travel Local, Support Locals

We believe in a way of traveling the country while giving back to its people.

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Once you are in Jamaica, you understand why the locals are in such a good mood. You literally feel the vibes. I stayed for four weeks and for sure I am coming back. It was an amazing cultural experience I don’t want to miss in my life. You need to travel, not to hide in holiday resorts to experience the REAL Jamaica.


As a matter of fact, the life of a local is hard in Jamaica. Faced with rising costs for food and housing, many can’t find a job. The average, well-meaning tourist thus invests very little in the local economy. We want to see change here, and we want to start it by making the real Jamaica more accessible to travelers and easier for locals to share.

Real Jamaica supports and promotes traveling the country while giving back to its people. With the motto, “Travel Local, Support Locals” our platform enables locals and travelers to share their experiences and connect with each other. Real Jamaica lists guesthouses, places, restaurants, events and helpful advice on how to travel local.