50 Facts about Jamaica

A Rasta once gave me a paper with 50 facts about Jamaica. It’s some general knowledge which is always good to know. Especially when it’s your first time in Jamaica, you should have heard of them. But even if you know Jamaica better than your own country … did you know all of them already?

  1. St. Catherine is the biggest parish in Jamaica
  2. Kingston is the smallest parish in Jamaica
  3. There are fourteen parishes in Jamaica
  4. Each parish in Jamaica has a capital
  5. The capital of St. Catherine is Spanish Town
  6. The capital of Kingston is Kingston
  7. The capital of St. Ann is Saint Ann’s Bay
  8. The capital of St. Thomas is Morant Bay
  9. The capital of St. Elizabeth is Black River
  10. The capital of St. James is Montego Bay
  11. The capital of Manchester is Mandeville
  12. The capital of Westmoreland is Sav-la-mar
  13. The capital of Clarendon is May Pen
  14. The capital of Hanover is Lucea
  15. The capital of St. Mary is Port Maria
  16. The capital of Portland is Port Antonio
  17. The capital of St. Andrew is Half Way Tree
  18. The capital of Trelawny is Falmouth
  19. There are two cities in Jamaica: Kingston and Montego Bay
  20. Jamaica motto is “Out of many, one people”
  21. Jamaica national dish is Ackee and Saltfish
  22. Jamaica is surrounded by the Caribbean sea
  23. Jamaica is a tropical climate island – No snow ๐Ÿ˜‰
  24. The meaning of the name Jamaica is land of wood and water
  25. Jamaica King of Reggae music is Bob Marley
  26. Jamaica Prince of Reggae music is Dennis Brown
  27. Jamaica Queen of Reggae music is Rita Marley
  28. Jamaica Princess of Reggae music is Marcia Griffiths
  29. Jamaica number one culture is the Rasta culture
  30. Jamaica black history month and Reggae month is February
  31. Jamaica number one religion is Christianity
  32. Jamaica two main political parties are P.N.P. and J.L.P.
  33. Jamaica two main languages are Patois and English
  34. Jamaica is the third largest country in the Caribbean
  35. Jamaica has three counties: Cornwall, Middlesex and Surrey
  36. Jamaica gain Emancipation on August 1, 1834
  37. Jamaica gain Independence on August 6, 1962
  38. Jamaica was a colony of England (Queen of England)
  39. Jamaica was first captured by Spain (Spaniards)
  40. Jamaica main survival is Tourism (Art & Craft Production)
  41. Jamaica has seven main tourist attractions locations
  42. Jamaica has two points: Negril Point and Morant Point
  43. Jamaica main tourist attractions are on the North Coast
  44. Jamaica “One Love” Reggae song was awarded song of the Century
  45. Jamaica has seven national heroes
  46. Jamaica number one Radio station is Irie FM
  47. Jamaica number one Television station is CVM
  48. Jamaica number one daily Newspaper is The Gleaner
  49. Jamaica number one Sound System is Stone Love
  50. Jamaica number one Tourist Resort is Dunn’s River Falls

What would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • Cool top list, I can’t wait to go back to Jamaica my last trip I was only in Negril and I loved it, but i know there is much more to discover in Jamaica. what I will ad to you list is that they have jamaica has the best jerk chicken in the world ๐Ÿ™‚

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