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Zimbali Retreats

Caanan Mountain, Westmoreland
8 Guests5 Rooms5 Beds
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Mark Swainbank
Mark Swainbank

Zimbali Retreats is a concept born by the love of a couple who joined in their belief of a simpler, more natural life; a life at one with Mother Nature. Their backgrounds could not be more diverse.

Alecia is a Rastafarian from birth. Born of a Rasta father, she grew with her extended family in these very hills. Here, grandma taught her the ways of life that have always been. Making juices from fruit, oil from coconuts and learning the value of all that surrounds you. She followed her grandpa into the hills of their farm and learned firsthand the art of how to plant and how to grow. She is the next generation; a keeper of the wisdom and consciousness that has been handed down through the ages.

Mark was the son of naval pilot and grew up a child of the world. His exposure to life in Africa at a young age was an experience that would mold his life and leave a lifelong question in his mind; what was life like when people lived in harmony with nature? Mark’s success at Chicago Mercantile Exchange allowed him to begin the quest to answer his lifelong question.

Upon meeting Lisa, they joined together to raise a family, and build a life at one with nature. Zimbali Retreats is the end result of years of dedication and love. Come and experience the peace and tranquility that only being close to nature can bring. Immersed in the silence of the mountains or lulled by the sound of the sea; sleep like you’ve never slept, feel like you’ve never felt as your mind slows and you begin to hear. Allow our family to take you back in time and share with you a way of life that has always existed; Harmony with nature.

Want to experience the real beauty of Jamaica?
Zimbali Retreats is an “Eden in the Mountains”. Located only 20 minutes from Negril, enjoy Top Class Service and Old World Charm as only Jamaica can offer.

While in Jamaica, take a few days to come and experience our real beauty; Retreat in complete comfort, while you reconnect with Mother Nature and yourself.
Zimbali Retreats is a 7 ½ acre “Eden in the Mountains”, completely at one with nature (solar power, solar hot water and rain water harvesting). This organic farm is a fusion of modern technology with an ancient way of life; the symbiotic answer to all of life’s needs.
In this lush paradise, natural health and wellness are of the highest priority and almost all of the fruits and vegetables you will eat are grown right here on the farm.

While at Zimbali:

  • You can swim in the clear, spring fed mountain rivers where Bob Marley himself swam or…
  • Catch the breeze as you swing in hammocks, serenaded by the birds.
  • Take your morning coffee to the Bird Watching Sanctuary and then later…
  • Wade into the river and lie back on ancient stone-wall ruins, as you receive a facial from the mineral rich clay mud.
  • How about a massage from a natural spring waterfall as it flows over an ancient stone bridge? (seasonal)…or
  • Hike the hills munching on sugar cane and drink coconuts right off the trees; refill your water bottle at the natural spring…and along the way
  • Meet the people of this lovely mountain farming village; talk and share- teach and learn.
  • Meet Bongo Roache- A certified Herbalist who is an ancient African healer as well. People come from all over the world to talk with this powerful man.
  • Visit Ishanti’s Workshop and home- Canaan’s very own Artiste- Featured in Jamaica’s National Gallery and master of many artistic disciplines.
  • Hike to “Fire’s Farm”- A real Rastaman’s farm in the hills above Canaan Mtn. Clear your mind as you enter another world. Reason with fire as you enjoy a delicious ‘Ital’ lunch, prepared on the open wood fire.
  • As you walk the nearby hills and farm, try nature’s own eye drops; pick mangos and avocados…breadfruit, jackfruit and ackee; whatever the season, you are surrounded by nature’s bounty; she feeds and takes care of you well.

Throughout the day Chef Winston uses all the foods of the season to delight you with a fusion of vegetarian, seafood and traditional Jamaican cuisine. You reconnect with nature as you eat the foods that are naturally in season, often cooked on a wood fire. This is life as it has been lived for thousands of years; a life left behind in the wake of progress. And don’t be afraid to venture into the culture of Rastafari through our “Ital” vegetarian menu; a true taste of health and freshness.

At night enjoy lively conversation and music beside the fire or at Alecia’s “Reggae Bar”. And when you retire- the songs of the night will beckon you to a sleep that can only be found where peace resides. Zimbali Retreats is Real; it is our Home. Its natural peace and friendly “family” atmosphere are a truly perfect combination; whether alone or with loved ones and friends, at Zimbali you have found your home.



  • 1 person for $99 / night
  • 2 persons for $198 / night

Main Villa

  • $129 per person / night (max. 6)
Unnamed Road
Westmoreland Parish JM
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