Rastafari Indigenous Village

Montego Bay, St. James
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First Man
First Man
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The Rasta Village (or Rastafarian Indigenous Village) is a unique way to experience life of the followers of Rastafari. The village is home to a community of Rastafarians and is open for guided tours.

The tours begin in the Tropical Gardens on the Montego River, just outside of Montego Bay. You will be lead from here through a shallow river into the village. As you approach you’ll hear the drumming and chanting getting louder.

On the tour you’ll be told about Rastafarian life including the principles of living in harmony with nature and the role of Heillie Selassi. The chef then gives a tour of the village kitchen, showing the vegetables, herbs and spices used in Rastafarian cooking, showing the nutritional and culinary importance of each ingredient.

You will also be given a tour of the village herb library where your guide will explain the medicinal properties of the many herbs grown there and, in some cases, those which scientists are beginning to investigate for their use in scientific remedies.

The village also has a meditative labyrinth you can walk around and engage in your own private contemplation.

The tour ends on a musical note with a traditional drum and chanting session in the centre of the village. Herbal tea and fresh fruits are served to you whilst you listen. You may even be invited to join the drummers at the end of the session.

Traditional jewelry, clothing and herbal remedies are made and sold in the village.

The Rastafarian Indigenous Village was established in December 2008 by three of the residents – IION Kanaka, First Man and Ileen IION. The village is growing, with an amphitheatre and residential huts being built and Rastafarian followers from other settlements are due to join the community in the future.

Porto Bello Drive
Montego Bay Saint James Parish JM
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2 reviews

  1. One of my favorite experiences in all of Jamaica

    My stay at the Rastafari Indigenous Village was one of my favorite experiences in all of Jamaica. The village is a real retreat into a tranquil, natural atmosphere. Take a swim in the river, snack on fresh fruits, nourish your body with delicious Ital meals, and enjoy wonderful conversations with the kind and fascinating members of the village. There is a Wellness center as well for yoga, meditation, and hammock relaxing. The Village is a place for you to connect with the Earth and yourself while experiencing and learning about the Rastafari lifestyle. It is a really unique opportunity and one that I highly recommend.

  2. You will not even make it to the village, without getting love beforehand

    We’ve arrived on the other side, got taken accross the little river (walking through is fun!) and were introduced to some aspects of living in the village. I loved it from the first moment. It is an amazing place with lots of joyful and thoughtful people. It starts from the place you can stay, to the amazing Ital food, to the conversations you will have. I hope to be back somewhen and stay there longer. One Love.

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