Life Yard

Fleet St, Kingston, Jamaica
Transforming communities through agriculture Verified Listing

Life Yard is the first eco-village in the city of Kingston, Jamaica. A social enterprise and community based organization, creating changes through art, agriculture and academics.

Guiding Principles

  • “Eat what you grow” – plant healthy produce, which can provide nutrition for the community which houses them.
  • “Use what you have” –Teach the community how to re-use and re-purpose, ideally to create new income streams.
  • “Clean up and beautify” – Teach the importance of keeping the communities clean. Create more aesthetically appealing environments.
  • “Expand your mind” – Provide tools that can harness innate (or natural) talent within some of Jamaica’s most underserved communities. Education through exposure to new ideas. We strive to connect formally trained artists, artisans, entrepreneurs, business developers to move community-driven ideas, products and services to a marketable and sustainable scale.
Fleet Street
Kingston Saint Andrew Parish JM
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  1. Give Thanks (Life Yard)

    Great. Thank you real Jamaica for the highlights of this mission we set on. We encourage the world to join hands and heart so we all can be great nation builders. Big ups to Paint Jamaica and Plant Jamaica. We started farming 17 years in our backyard space and now we are Nation Builders.

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