My Jamaica 2015 – Revisiting Good Old Friends

by Florentina
29. December 2015

When I think back on my year 2015, I realize how Jamaica played such a big role in it. In February, my 6-months stay came to an end and I left the island feeling very sad, but knowing that I would be back soon. I didn’t expect it to be as soon, but in September, I decided to spend my holidays again on the island of One Love.

When people ask me what I love most about Jamaica I always reply „the people“. Yes, the landscape is breathtakingly pretty, but what makes Jamaica such a special place it created by the locals: their hospitality, their music, Jamaican food, Rastafarianism, you name it! That is also where my motivation to work for Real Jamaica comes from: Everybody should experience this rich Jamaican culture and give back to the locals at the very same time. From my experience, wherever in the world you meet new people, once you approach the other person with respect and an open heart, real friendship can arise. This is especially true for Jamaica. I let myself immerse ever so deeply in the local culture and was rewarded with true friendship. Those strong bonds persist even when I am not in the country and make me want to go back as soon as I get another chance.

Love, Laughter & Friendship

An excellent opportunity to meet interesting people are the roots culture events that are held in Kingston every night. To be up to date with the upcoming events, I recommend you to check out the RJ-Event-Calendar. Amongst so many unforgettable moments in the year 2015 the Bob Marley Birthday celebrations in February are on top of the list! It all started with a wicked concert of my favorite new-roots reggae artists at the Bob Marley Museum on Friday, continued with a massive show at Downtown Waterfront on Saturday and ended with the original Trench Town Rock concert on Sunday. 70 years and the legacy continues!

During the day, I enjoy spending my time doing group hikes in the mountains. While walking, you have lots of time for real conversations with your companions and get to know each other. The most incredible tour I did was a full moon Blue Mountain peak hike! This very unique experience made me physically reach my limits, but once I stood on top of the mountains, watching the sun rise, I knew it was worth the pain! Leon, a guide from the Jamaica Hiking and Heritage Tours is not only an expert on finding the best hiking trails, but can tell you a story you about every plant, bird and butterfly that you encounter while hiking.

On top of the Blue Mountains (with Leon on the left)

I give thanks for an unforgettable year 2015 and I feel blessed to be part of the RJ-family. One Love!


My motivation to work with Real Jamaica? I genuinely believe that everybody should experience this rich Jamaican culture and give back to the locals at the very same time.

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